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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teenager turns a corner?

My nearly out of her teens teenager has turned a corner. Maybe. She had moved back home for a while although spent more time away from the family home only returning in our absence to devour the contents of the fridge and create a heap of dirty dishes disappearing again like a thief in the night. She came home the other evening waving a lease document, with her name on it, in front of our eyes. With, I am hoping genuine heartfelt regret for her more recent horrible behaviour, she announced that she had found somewhere to live and has a job interview next week at a workplace nearby to the not so new abode which she will share with two other people we have never met before. So has she turned a corner or is she driving us around the bend yet again? Watch this space!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Talented teenagers take to the ice

Over the last few days many talented teenagers and younger competed in the state titles of the Figure Skating Championships in ice skating at the Boondall ice skating rink. The state representative team was selected from this group of skaters who competed in one or more areas of ice skating including figure, synchronised, ice dance and pairs. The team will represent Queensland at the national figure skating titles to be held in Melbourne in late November this year. Congratulations to the very talented ice skaters who competed over the last 4 days. Well done to all who participated.