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Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Horizons

As the New Year began I considered what I wanted to achieve.  Feeling like I needed a project or something creative to inspire me and build my enthusiasm, I pondered returning to study, becoming involved in some sort of youth outreach or doing something creative on the home front such as sewing or photography. 

Being time poor with regard to adding anything new to my already busy life, it suddenly dawned on me to extend my current volunteering role in ToughLove to a leadership role.  Having been a member of ToughLove for over a year now I felt that it was time to take on new challenges and assist at a group leadership and perhaps Queensland Management level.  I have now had the title of Public Relations Officer for Corinda group bestowed upon me.  It is a great honour and one which I take very seriously.  I have always been enthusiastic about marketing and public relations especially when it is for a cause which I am passionate about.   I am a true advocate of ToughLove, the support and information which it provides.  It does work!!!  As Public Relations Officer for the group I will be promoting our group and the ToughLove program to schools and the community at large.
When I first came to ToughLove I was desperate for a solution as many other parents are, when faced with such challenges as teenager turmoil, drug or alcohol related violence and mental health, psychotic episodes, to name just a few.  I remember sitting patiently listening to the information given at orientation, all the while wanting a quick fix, an instant solution to turn my feral teenager back to the beautiful innocent little blue eyed girl she once was.