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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tough Love in progress!

Some time back I posted an article on Tough Love. While it has taken me a few months, I finally plucked up courage to attend my first Tough Love meeting. I was very impressed by the professional way the meeting was structured and run. After a very thorough induction process explaining the rules, guidelines and focus of the group, I joined the main group. While there were opportunities to share our own experiences, the focus of the evening was to learn new ways to build our own strategies with confidence and support of other parents going through similar situations. I have homework to do, a book to read (just a short one) and a goal for the week. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Inspiring teenagers, our future leaders

I had the privilege of witnessing some very inspirational teenagers go through a rite of passage as they completed their final school year, well almost – 1 week to go. I refer to the awards night (some may know this as speech night) of a school which although having some challenges over the past year continues to inspire and equip its students to achieve incredible things. This was evident in a celebration of the achievements of students from prep through to year 12. The evening while full of encouragement and accolades for students also showcased student achievements with performances from the colorful and always cute year ones to the traditional final performance by the year 12s and all of this within a 2 hour timeslot thanks to the organization skills in particular of the deputy principal and teachers. For me one of the highlights of the evening was the year 12’s final performance of the song “I Believe” performed in the movie “Honey”. What an incredible finish to their school life. The students while somewhat restricted in their movements as they were dressed in their formal school uniforms still produced an inspirational rendition of the song and dance. Great axel James!!!

I wish all of the year 12s every success in their future lives. You have been given a great start by a school that cares not just about your schooling but cares about you.

Well done our future leaders you are truly amazing.