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Friday, August 12, 2011

Daughter finds freedom to fly

My ToughLove kid has turned a corner. Although in another city, she contacts me by phone or text message not because she wants something but because she wants to share with me some of her day to day life experiences. She is taking responsibility and making better life choices for herself. She has come a long way, struggling to eke out an existence, seeking ways for self improvement, looking after herself and maintaining her living environment.

She assists her community and herself through volunteering.

My daughter has grown wings to fly, building confidence and finding freedom to choose her own destiny.

I am so proud of you Kim. You have found who you are.


  1. This comment was sent via email from "M".

    I bet your daughter loves your august 12 blog.

    I really enjoy your blog - it's got a very different look from the last time I was there.

    You are obviously becoming very skilled and exercising your creativity.

  2. Thank you for your comment "M". Yes my daughter really loved this post.

    Thanks for reading my blog.