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Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Inspiring Teenagers

It is so easy to focus on the negative aspects of teenager behaviour. 

Today I attended the Queensland Synchronized Ice Skating Club’s Exhibition Skate, a fundraiser and performance opportunity for the teams representing their state at the Australian National Ice Skating competition to be held in Brisbane next month.  

I was fortunate to witness some very inspiring and talented ice skaters who brought passion, elegance and creativity to their performances. Over the past seven years that my own children have been ice skating, I have seen many of these children, develop their skating skills from tentative, awkward, beginning steps to the accomplished, dynamic, creative ice skaters that I see before me today.

I have also seen leadership skills emerge in teenagers as they in turn nurture and encourage the next generation of beginner ice skaters.  The synchronised ice skating club management realises that tomorrow’s national teams grow from the beginner skaters of today which is why they provide leadership opportunities to the more experienced skaters to inspire and encourage the beginner skaters.   

I would like to congratulate the organisers for the success of such a well, run event which provided an opportunity to showcase our talented ice skaters.  Immense pride exuded from ice skaters and the audience alike as the skaters concluded the exhibition with a victory lap of the ice rink to the music of “Queen”, “We are the champions”.  Congratulations to all of the ice skaters who performed today and best of luck to those who will be representing Queensland at the national competition next month.


  1. Hello Wendy nice to see other bloggers out there I would like to say you are so right we spend so much time focusing on the struggles we have with our teens we tend to forget the good things they do. I have taken the initiative as to mention you onto my blog for I am a fellow blogger dealing the the issues of teens as well and I wanted them to come and visit you on your blog I sure do hope it works....Once again Thanks

  2. Thanks for your comments Dawn. It's great to know that there are other like minded souls out there blogging.